How To Get Our Products

We offer alternatives to reach the United States wherever and however. We have a large network of agents that allows you to purchase wherever you are located, but always with the security, support and service of a policy backed by NH Seguros.

Coverage throughout the U.S.

At NH Seguros, we are specialists in insuring vehicles travelling between the United States and Mexico, regardless of the lenght of the trip. Furthermore, if you are on vacation or live in the U.S. with your Mexican registered vehicle, we have a product for you.

Private Passenger Auto

Our private passenger auto and motorcycle products offer you several coverages that adjust to your needs. We have a product for your Mexican vehicle while in the United States. For detailed information on any of our products and coverages please contact one of our appointed agents.


Commercial use auto (truck insurance)

We know your business is your heritage and for that reason every NH Seguros coverage is your best solutions. We have a wide range of options to satisfy your every insurance need.


Liability coverage pertains to damages to other persons (bodily injury) and their property from an accident you are legally responsible for. If you're sued, it also covers your defense and court costs. Selecting more than the minimum coverage would increase your cost but potentially provides more protection in case of an accident. The higher your limits, the more protection we will are able to provide to you.
Medical payments coverage will pay reasonable medical and funeral expenses up to specified limits for covered persons on board the insured vehicle.
PIP will pay reasonable medical and funeral expenses up to specified limits for covered persons on board the insured vehicle.
Coverage will pay for damages when you are injured in a car accident caused by another person who does not have sufficient liability insurance, or does not have insurance at all. This coverage has a $250 deductible per event and is necessary to present a policy report of the incident.
This coverage will pay for damage to a covered vehicle caused by theft or physical damage because of an accident, subject to a deductible.
Provides coverage for theft and damages to cargo. Coverage is subject to a deductible and some occasions require coinsurance.

Roadside assistance

Our roadside program is managed by IKE Asistencia, one of the leading companies in the industry. We will always respond to your call in Spanish.

Road service provides cost reimbursement for towing your vehicle when it becomes disabled, delivery of gas or oil, assistance with changing a tire, a jumpstart and/or locksmith services.

1.844.386.3118 / 713.401.9563

Report an accident

You can report your accident by phone or our website, any option is valid.

Below, you will find the telephone numbers to dial according to the prefix of your policy (our Claims team will attend you at the moment, 24/7) and also the link to access the form that you must fill out, if you prefer to report online (someone from our team will contact you later to confirm receipt of your information).

If your policy starts with the prefix NHS, NHC, NHM, NHW, AMG, EUA, PSU, MXG, PAC, PAP, TME

From EE.UU:   1.844.386.3118
From México: 001.713.401.9563

If your policy starts with the prefix MAP, FSA

From México:
(55) 5950.2108 /
(800) 026.63.58 /
(800) 026.65.51
From a EUA cell phone:
(01.55) 5230.70.00
Ext. 02108

If your policy starts with the prefix HDI

From México:
(477) 410.47.81 /
(800) 019.60.00

You can also report it online

Report online
It is best to be safe